Our Vision

“We shape our communities, and thereafter they shape us.”

We know our success is directly tied to the satisfaction of our residents and our employees. While other apartment owners seek to buy and flip properties, Churchill Forge’s investment philosophy is to buy and hold. As a result, we have properties in our portfolio that we have owned for more than 40 years, and employees who have been with us for decades.

Because of the company’s long-range view, Churchill Forge is highly focused on investing in the ongoing maintenance of its properties and the well-being of its employees. For our residents, this translates into impeccably maintained apartment units and common areas, and experienced, passionate property managers who are deeply invested in their properties and their tenants. For our employees, this means competitive salaries, a generous benefits package, and a welcoming, family work environment with less focus on short-term performance and more focus on long-term strategy. For our investors, this results in increased cash flows and equity appreciation.